going deeper into Product Development

Going Deeper

Why should we emphasize the Mental or Mind aspect on the Product Development activity?

One should realize that the emotion could block the logical thinking. The study on amygdala has answered this phenomena. Emotion grows out of the limbic system of the brain, specifically the amygdala, with the target of delight and disgust, fear and anger, all the emotional property. Lust also grows from the limbic system; however, love from the neocortex.

Animals like reptiles having no neocortex cannot experience anything like maternal love; this is why baby snakes have to hide to avoid being eaten by their parents. Humans, with their capacity for love, will protect their offspring, allowing the brains of the young (time?) to develop. The more connections between the limbic system and the neocortex, the more emotional responses are possible. Now, look at this example: A boy walking on the field sees an object with long, curved shape in the grass out of the corner of his eye. What will he do? He leaps out of the way before he realizes it is only a stick that looks like a snake. Then he tries to calm down; his cortex gets the message a few milliseconds after his amygdala works, then the primitive response acts or reflex may then be controlled again. This story tells us that human think with brain, but the gate of the brain is Mind. So, before one will use of the brain power to do whatever he wants, one must control the Mind.

Anatomy of Emotion
When the sensory organ has a contact with an object, then come sensation. Sensation may arise to the mind, then come perception. Perception will then order the cortex to move the body. It is now be clear that the perception always has the role in acting. Sometime the perception was so powerful, then come the reflex.

Mind & Mental Preparation
Now come with us a new term, Awareness, a condition that make us enable to recognize the perception, and sometime could goes into the sensation. When one has been able to activated the awareness, then one could controlled the gate for Brain to do his job, thinking.

Lateral thinking
When your brain could work, now it is time to do the Lateral thinking. It is not a vertical thinking. Lateral thinking will works as a problem solving, with many ways to look at the thinks and new ideas on every sorts. Lateral thinking has to come together with vertical thinking, it is like chicken and eggs game. Which one has to come in first; for us, it is better not to take care on which one that comes in first, the most important thing is both of them are useful. The lateral thinking will gives a lot of alternatives.

The word proactive was first mentioned in 1933, and in 1946, Dr. Victor E. Frankl has used the term proactive to describe a person who took responsibility for his or her life, rather than looking for causes in outside circumstances or other people. The proactive also describe by Stephen Covey as an oppose of Reactive. He describe that reactive is look alike with the Reflex, an action based on emotion. So, the proactive is stressed the importance of awareness, and then choose from alternatives and be responsible as its consequence.

Black Heart Thick Face
This is the ultimate mental lesson. Black heart and Thick face is a pair of action that would resulting a Knight. A weapon in the right hand, Black heart, and a shield in his left hand, Thick face. Those tools were carried by a Knight, a person who could control the Soul, or a person who understand how to attack and defending their life. So, with these tools, one could reach on their Goal.


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