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Lateral thinking – alternatives generator

To be creative could mean not to  follow the rule. Creativity, sometime, will not appears on the right time, and being unpredictable. By practicing, one could control the power of the brain, and with the “no attachment” support, then the creativity could be generated
Without creavity then human would become a living Robot.

Term of Lateral Thinking was used by Edward de Bono, a Maltese psychologist, as a title of his book The Use of Lateral Thinking, published in 1967. De Bono defines lateral thinking as a methods of thinking concerned with changing concepts and perception. Lateral thinking is about reasoning hat is not obvious and about ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional ways on thinking.

Traditionally, good thinking has been defined as a matter of cognitive ability or skill. So we have two terms, “thinking skills” and “cognitive ability“.
Cognitive ability will be influenced by Thinking pattern, a set of perception that built by experiences and historical lessons. Thinking skill is the ability of using set of thinking pattern. The cognitive ability then will develop as vertical thinking and thinking skill will develop as lateral thinking.
In enhancing the ability of using both of cognitive ability and thinking skill will make one to be a good thinker.

Lateral thinking and creativity
A new idea that is the resulted from lateral thinking is not always a helpful one, but when a good idea is discovered in this way it is usually obvious in hindsight which is a feature lateral thinking shares with a joke. Those the ideas that generated from out of the existing patterns would called by Creativity.

Lateral thinking as perfect thinking completion
As already mentioned above that thinkers have to have skill on cognitive ability and thinking skill. It is like a circle movement or like chicken and eggs game. Once you have released from the box, Lateral thinking will works as a searching body, with many ways to look at the thinks and new ideas on every sorts. Then you have to continue it with the cognitive ability to closed down the new idea with the result. But when you have already finished a cognitive ability, you have to generate a new idea, this would need the thinking skill.

De bono’s technique in lateral thinking
Wikipedia has already mentioned about the techniques on applying lateral thinking. There are a number of mental tools or methods that can be used to bring about lateral thinking. These include the following:
Random entry: Choose an object at random, or a noun from a dictionary, and associate that with the area you are thinking about. this is also called Method_of_focal_objects.
Provocation: Declare the usual perception out of bounds, or provide some provocative alternative to the usual situation under consideration. Prefix the provocation with the term “Po” to signal that the provocation is not a valid idea put up for judgement but a stimulus for new perception.
Challenge: Simply challenge on the way of thinking on things that have always been done or seen, or the way they are. This is done not to show there is anything wrong with the existing situation but simply to direct your perceptions to exploring outside the current area.

How to enhaced the thinking ability skill, lateral thinking
Cognitive ability may resulted from school, daily life, and other information gathering tools. But the thinking skill has to be trained with the awareness as it basic tool. The awareness would release one from the attachment, while the attachment would guide one to a specific pattern. When you are already in the free state, then you could accept any new idea. By accepting the new ideas means we have already learn the lateral thinking.

“Lateral thinking is characterized by the shifting of thinking patterns, away from entrenched or predictable thinking to new or unexpected ideas.”


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