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Proactive – choosing the alternatives

First one should be Aware, then one will realize that there are alternatives, not just an only single option. That will bring Human back into humanity. Without alternatives human will have the same reactive or reflex action that would became similar to animals.

“Be proactive, and you will give the best appreciation to your Human state.”

Wikipedia mentioned that the word Proactive was used by the Austrian, Dr. Victor E. Frankl, in his book Man’s searching for meaning. He described the word Proactive was used to describe a person who took responsibilities for his or her life, rather than looking for causes in outside circumstances or other people. Frankl stressed the importance of courage, perseverance, individual responsibility and awareness of the existence of choices, regardless of the situation or context
Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People described the term of proactive much simpler but much clearer, the word proactive means an opponent of activity. He also described that reaction is similar to reflex response. A reflex is a response that could not be controlled. It is an instinctive response, a response that belongs to the primitive system as an animal.

In other word, the proactive means that man always has alternatives on what he will act according to his wants. Without an alternative, man only responses something based on an instinct. It would become similar to a reflex response. It is not wise.
On facing a problem or something that needs a response, in just a second, man should have to think a set of alternatives, and with his skills on using his brain and heart, man would make a decision. A decision that will be followed freely by all of his responsibilities and it will give them a release but not a regret. That decision would never make him tied to a regret.
So, the question is what the right decision is? The right decision would be based on his awareness. The right decision would be chosen from a set of alternatives. Without alternatives then we still do an active response.

What is the basic of proactive?
Everyone would agree that Awareness is the basic for every decision that man should
make. Without an awareness, the real problem could be covered by the other situational or emotional circumstances. For a beginner, on deciding something, it would be better that one should postpone for just a second to build a set of alternatives, and choose the best one that he is willing to take all of his responsibilities to bear all the consequences.

What is the mistake happened mostly on doing the proactive?
People always think that doing a normal response by mass? people is called Proactive. An example: if one realizes that someone is making mistake, the proactive response reminds the other that he is making a mistake or he has done a mistake thing.
Is that right? No, the answer is no. One should have a set of alternatives, (1) reminding him, (2) just watching , (3) watching and hoping that he would realize, (4) watching and waiting to see what will happen next, (5), etc, etc. The most important thing is: no matter what responses that he takes, that response would never tie him into that action. His response would make him deliberate the next problem. The next things would become a responsibility that he will bear it freely, without hurting himself.
If you have read the Thick face black heart, and thought that you would like to practice it as a tool to achieve your goal, then you need a proactive as a basic of your decision. Proactive will make you to be a more responsible person. You could become a person freely responsible to whatever decision you have made, without hurting yourself.

Simple words for Proactive
Awareness is the basic of proactive. Proactive would bear a responsibility without hurting
In Man’s Search for Meaning, Frankl wrote, “Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual.”


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