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Thick Face Black Heart – reach your goal

Thick face black heart, is a very high philosophically advice for mental preparation in reaching goal.
But I suggest you that you should read it carefully, otherwise you will became an inferior rude man.
Read it slowly, digest it, and if you have already extracted the wise within it then you may proceed to practicing.
To be  Thick Face Black Heart will resulting a Knight instead of a terrorist.

Please note that the philosophy within this book is very high, so do not take just for granted but to try to digest it and find the glory on this paper. This article is reciting the book that written by Chin Ning Chu. This is a very exciting book. One of the precious books for successful person.

The purpose of this article is to guide you to Reach Your Goal.

Thick face is a shield, use to protect self honor on every opinion from everyone. Black heart is a weapon, has no mercy characteristic but not an evil one.

The Synergy of Thick Face Black Heart

Thick face is an ability to accept all situational demand for heeding others opinion about us. Black heart is an ability to take action without caring any others opinion. Both of Thick Face Black Heart has to come together and it will support to each other.

Three stages of Thick Face Black Heart

  1. Winning without sacrificing

    On this stage, it consist of three more stage:

    The most basic stage on this stage is no moral, doing anything to get what he wants. On this basic stage: Thick face, will produce no awareness at all, and black heart, will produce absolutely no mercy. This stage was called by Thick as brick wall, and black as a fire stone. The example on this first-first stage is a criminal or low class of prostitute.

    The second stage on this first stage is Thick and hard, and black and shining. The example on this first stage is high class prostitute.

    The highest level on this first stage is so thick being formless, and so black being colorless. On this stage, one could cheat and also receiving “thanks you” from his victim. The example on this stage is politician.

  2. Seeking soul

    On this stage, one has realize that conquering somebody will need strength, but to conquering ourself will need power. On this stage one has known that the first stage will consist of shameful action. This stage will teach them to be wise.

  3. Knight

    The knight will shown as no attachment, peace, and calm. A knight is a person that always feel afraid on war, but their afraid body will not make their soul to be afraid either.

    On this stage one has reach the body and soul matching.

There are 11 principal on doing the Thick Face Black Heart:

  1. Break the shadow, one must has free living, not a living just following other’s portrait

  2. Look for self border, realizing that you do things for yourself or to accomplish others want

  3. Find the mistery of the oak strength and the flexibility of grass, then you will understand that the inner side will move the seen (the outer side moves, but actually the inner side making movement)

  4. Know yourself, if you could ignore other opinion, then you could concentrate your attention on reaching your goal. This thing could only happen if one has a fully understanding on self.

  5. Break the worrisome on succeed and the freighted on failure. The worrisome on succeed is more powerful than the freighted on failure. Before you succeed that the successful means changes and has a risk to be fail.

  6. Realize the property of dreams and reality, use your dynamic glass to look at moving things.

  7. Mastering the truth and pretending, because the wrong understanding on what we thought as truth or right, may bring us to nothing instead of fond of flattery.

  8. Control your fears, because fears is the most destructive emotion.

  9. Travel trough out of avoidance of sadness and chasing happiness. Everything is moving on its natural cycle, sadness and happiness, black and white, good and bad, etc. This stage will need a wise point of view.

  10. Dare to assure to self, break the chain and dare to accept self conviction is a thick face-black heart

  11. Realize that thick face and black heart are gift from God, creating and destroying is not a vice versa, but an aspect of the Most Power. The nature will come as born and death. One will be as needed as the other.

“Doing Thick Face Black Heart will be flourish with Dharma.
Dharma is an understanding on what is the right action
on the current situation”.


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